Look What You Made Me Do?

If you cross Taylor Swift, then chances are you will be making an unexpected appearance in one of her many songs. Katy Perry, John Mayer & Harry Styles know all too well the impact a feud with Ms. Swift can have and next in the line of fire is Kim Kardashian West.

Taylor and Kim clashed last year over Kanye's song 'Famous' and the pair became embroiled in a very public spat which, seemingly ended with Taylor leaving the spotlight for 8 months. 

Taylor's fans knew it wouldn't be long before she decided to resurrect her social media accounts and, on the 23rd August 2017 she did not disappoint. Not only did Taylor announce the release of her new album entitled 'Reputation" launched along with a trio of videos depicting a snake. This was shortly followed by the release of Taylor's new video 'Look What You Made Me Do'.

A far cry from some of her past performances Taylor resurrects from the dead, armed with diamond jewellery, burning cash, a new squad and some very distinctive outfits, it's clear that she is set to place blame for the death of her former reputation on Kim. I'm surprised Taylor didn't entitle the track 'Kim, Look What You Made Me Do'.

Nevertheless, the video did make for an entertaining watch and introduces her fans to the new Taylor Swift.

Take a look below at some of the looks we are loving from the video !

  • TS05.jpg
  • TS01.jpg
  • TS07.jpg
  • TS09.jpg
  • TS11.jpg
  • TS14.jpg
  • TS16.jpg
  • TS10.jpg
  • TS06.jpg
  • TS12.jpg
  • TS15.jpg

So what's the damage limitation on taking revenge ? 

If you hold a grudge anything like Taylor then it is impossible for you to forgive and forget but, how else can you have your cake and eat it ? Simple ! Channel your revenge into the ultimate revenge outfit.

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